Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learning to Plan

One very busy day during his recent visit, my husband ran into a little glitch.

He had picked my brother in law up and then picked me up at work so I could go to physical therapy.  He was going to take my brother in law to Target while I was in therapy.

There was just one problem.  My brother in law didn't realize how long he was going to be away from home.  He takes medication and he did not have it with him.  It never occured to him he should have taken it with him.  So my husband had to drive him back to my brother in law's house (1/2 hr trip) to get it.  It made for a long afternoon for my husband.

I am not sure my brother in law has ever had much reason to plan ahead.  Someone has always done his thinking for him.

What happens when my mother in law becomes ill or worse? Do we take over all his thinking?  I truly do not think that is a good idea.

How do you teach a person with autism to plan?

A while back I had looked in the public library to find if they had books on teaching an adult with autism.  The reference librarian was very interested in helping me but she couldnt' find much, even at other branch libraries, on the subject.

There are books for children but what do you do with an adult who never had specialized education geared to those with autism as a child?  We aren't educators either, we are just caring family members.

More questions than answers in a lot of these posts.

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