Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autism and Medical Coverage

I found this blog post interesting - about the possible effect of the Health Care Law on autism mandates.

In case you are wondering why so many people with disabilities need Medicaid, this is a perfect example.  Health insurers have been slow to "step up" and cover autism.

Meantime, we wait for Bil's Medicaid Service coordinator to finish her research on what we may want to try to do to keep Medicaid coverage for one of Bil's medication - they will no longer pay for the brand name, and it is doubtful right now that they will even pay for a generic.

But on the other hand, people with autism may finally be able to get some health insurance.  In the past, health insurers have refused coverage for non-autism related illnesses - just because the person has autism.  Shall we hope no more?

And now, back to fighting Medicaid formularies.

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