Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fred Fay and Temple Grandin

Today, while I wait for Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator to provide us more information regarding Bil's medication issue and Medicaid (it may take upwards of a week or more for the MSC to research), I received a sad email from Wrightslaw.

Fred Fay, who suffered a spinal cord injury years back when he was 16 and became a pioneering advocate for people with all disabilities, passed away on August 20.

The good news in this is that PBS will premiere a film on his life, Lives Worth Living, on October 27.

This film is advertised to be both a biography of Fred Fay and a documentary about the Disability Rights movement.

Today I also found, in the local library, the HBO movie on Temple Grandin, arguably the most famous person with autism alive today.

Two people who affected our lives-and Bil's, in different ways.  Two wonderful films in a month.   Can't wait.

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