Monday, October 10, 2011

Budget Cuts Come Home to Roost

After months of wondering what effect the budget cuts in NYS programs would have on Bil, I need wonder no more.

The new Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) is in a hard spot concerning the situation with one of Bil's medications no longer being covered under Medicaid. (I blogged about this several days ago)  It's a type of medication that is hard to switch (that's all I will say about it.) but very necessary for Bil's health.

If Medicaid won't pay, Bil must pay out of pocket.  Now keep in mind that Bil works part time, in a sheltered workshop.  This is not the road to riches.  It is the road to poverty.  The one hope here is to try to get Medicaid to accept a generic (which may or may not work like the brand name - with this medication generics are not always as effective) and we will have to see if the generic works.

If not, we try to find out where to get this drug at a reasonable price.

With all the budget cuts in New York State this, according to the MSC, many people dependent on Medicaid are in this same situation.

Please keep in mind, when you read about Medicaid, so many people think "welfare queens".  But many disabled people are on Medicaid.    It is a life line for many.

A lifeline that is fraying.

We'll have to see what the MSC can come up with.  But how many times does the MSC see this with other clients?  And will this be just the first of many situations to come for Bil?

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