Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Justice Finally for Mark Lindquist?

It is the sad but sorry truth that people who work with the developmentally disabled, in so many cases, make barely above the minimum wage.  This is one reason why we can not get anyone to work with Bil and haven't been able to despite years of searching.  But people do go into that line of work.  And sometimes things don't work out too well for them.

And then, when an aide tried to save the lives (in vain) of three men with Down Syndrome as the Joplin tornado of earlier this year bore down on them, and suffered severe injuries to the tune of over $2.5 million dollars - his employer's work comp insurance company denied the claim because he hadn't put himself into any more danger than anyone else in the tornado's path!  Even more outrageous, Missouri law allows this.

Thanks to the power of the press, the insurance company has now reversed itself.

The aide was seriously considering selling his house to pay his medical bills.

I do wonder, though, how many other work comp claims have been denied, leaving people who work for the well being of our society's most helpless - bankrupted by work related medical bills.

Thank you, Press, for bringing this outrage to national light.

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