Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to an Autism Advocate

Happy birthday, Sally.  I don't know which number birthday it is, but I am so glad, after your battle with cancer that you are being given additional opportunities for birthdays.

You have done so much for the autism community in this area.  And now you have to deal with a random force of nature.  In September, Tropical Storm Lee dumped massive amounts of rain on your neighborhood. Flooding resulted.  Your neighborhood, along with several others, are now local synonyms for disaster.

I drove through a couple of blocks of your neighborhood for the first time since the floods today, heading towards a shopping destination.  The exit from the highway has been open for a couple of weeks now but I just didn't want to go there. There is still so much work to be done in your neighborhood, Sally.  There are still porta potties on several street corners, I see..  In one yard, or what used to be a yard I guess, a large tent was sheltering people preparing lunch for the neighborhood.

I think of you and your children living in the middle of all that.

But I also know that you are not prone to self pity, Sally.  What I can hope is that karma, or whatever, will bring "normal" back to you-whatever normal is.  You've done so much for other people, especially the children and young adults of the Southern Tier with autism.  You deserve a very happy birthday.  I hope you got one, and had the time to enjoy it.

Next year HAS to be better!

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