Friday, October 28, 2011

Temple Grandin on TV

Within a week after watching a DVD of the Temple Grandin HBO movie, we got to see her on TV once.  And she was to appear on ABC Extreme Makeover-Home Edition tonight, but we didn't find out about it in time.

Still...isn't it strange the way you will read or see a program or movie on something or someone, and suddenly that person (or a place, or an event) will suddenly pop up everywhere.

We saw the 60 Minutes last Sunday on Steve Jobs and to our delight, the show talked about I-Pad apps for people with autism.  I'm not sure Bil would benefit from any of that as he is verbal, but it was interesting to learn about.

Meanwhile, the Extreme Makeover program did a home makeover for an Oregon couple with two childen with autism, and I was able to read a local paper's article on Temple Grandin's visit (which was actually in September.)

One thing I've never checked into is whether Bil knows anything about Temple Grandin, or even if he knows if she exists.  Maybe - with an I-Pad app? we could one day find out what Bil thinks of her.

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