Saturday, October 8, 2011

More about Self Advocacy and Autism

I've been thinking a little more about the fact that Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator contacted us about a request Bil had made - actually a concern that he had expressed to her about the fact that Medicaid will no longer pay for one of his prescriptions unless he switches to a generic.

What I found interesting (although I do not know the entire story) is that he came to his Medicaid Service Coordinator, rather than his mother.

That makes me very happy.

No, I'm not happy that my mother in law was bypassed. But rather - Bil is in his 50's.  He should be able to advocate for himself. 

He's never had any formal training, and he has a disability that affects his ability to communicate.  But when he needed help, he sought out someone (his new Medicaid Service Coordinator) he hasn't known for that long.

I have a feeling this new Medicaid Service Coordinator is going to work out well for Bil.  Let's cross our fingers.

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