Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bleep Yeah

Although I sometimes vent concerning my mother in law, an "autism Mom" (her son with autism is in his 50's) she is a true Autism Mom.  She cleared the path for the generations of autism Moms to follow.  How sad that the rates of autism still seem to be increasing.

I would like to provide this link to a blog post about "autism Moms". 

Looking at this, I found one of the funniest sites you will ever find out there.  This Autism Mom is the total opposite of my prim and proper 80 plus year old mother in law.  But I have a sneaky feeling they would love each other.  Well, maybe not, because their politics are totally opposite.

But I still love this woman's point of view.  And even the four-letter words she uses (constantly) to express herself.  Cause sometimes you just have to do that, when you face something like autism.

Bleep yeah.

Give her website a visit.

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