Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Weather in October

It is as if summer was only a dream.  We are back to winter mil losing power due to storms.  It happens one or two times each winter.  It's not good that the first time is in October this year although...hopefully it will get above freezing there tomorrow.

Along with what may be 3 or 4 million people before this is over, my mother in law and Bil are without power.  I am hoping very much that they get it back sooner than the 5 days it took after Hurricane Irene.  Because this time, it is a matter of heat both for Bil and for my mother in law.

It was good, in a way, that this storm happened.  We've been thinking of our own issues a lot recently (also weather related, ironically) and had not looked into a generator for mil.  I fear it will be too expensive.  But my mother in law can not keep losing power.  And it has to be hard for Bil, too.

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