Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coming out of Hiding

I've left this blog fallow for some four months, trying to come to a decision.  Should I continue? Or should I abandon this blog?  Abandoning it would be so easy.

But that's not how I'm made.  I like to finish what I've started.

July 1.  A new month.  A new half of the year.  A new start. 

Yes, I am going to restart this blog, I say a bit bravely (I hope).

 I changed the name of the blog, from "A Special Brother In Law" to "My Brother in Law with Autism". 

I still don't know if I am going to "go public" with this blog i.e. participate in blogging challenges.  At this point in time, I don't want to.

I sometimes vent my frustration here, and I continue to.  If anyone who knows me discovers this blog, so be it.  After a lot of thought, I have also come to that decision.  The Internet is not a place to hide.

Who knows, I might even open a Twitter account for this blog.

I thought about posting every day.  I don't think that will be realistic. 

I really hoped I would be able to teach others by example - being a help to the several families I know locally who have children or young adults with autism.  Well, I can't help them if I don't post.

But, I am still going nowhere fast. That much hasn't changed.  Bil's situation is about the same as it was back in February, and I am still soooooo frustrated about that.

I have a feeling, though, that this is going to change in the next few months.  And I want you to be along for that ride.

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