Monday, July 23, 2012

Thinking of Ourselves First

 In September of last year, our area, along with many other areas of upstate NY, was flooded.  We suffered a one-two punch between Tropical Storms Lee and Irene.

Not long after the flood waters receded and we started our recovery here in upstate NY, my mother in law called.

When are you coming down here next, she asked.  I've received some papers in connection with Bil, and I need you to look at them.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for us to come.  We had been impacted by the flood and had to worry about ourselves.

What ended up happening?  Well, she hung onto the paperwork and waited until we could come.  And as it turned out the paperwork had a deadline, which she missed.  I had to do some emailing to "make it all right".


Thus goes long distance caregiving.

Why am I writing about this now?  Because, in a couple of days, my husband (after a lot of emailing) is finally going to talk to Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator over the phone. We were supposed to do this in September of 2011 - but life intervened.

Amazing to think that it took us 10 months to get to the point where we could do this.  No, not because of being physically impacted.  I think there was a lot of psychological stuff going on.

I'm glad we are back on track, though.  But sometimes advocacy is impossible. Sometimes a caregiver just has to think of him or herself first.

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