Friday, July 13, 2012

The Role of the Weather Channel

Yesterday, I blogged a little about Bil's habit of,when visiting one of his relatives, just disappearing into the nearest room with a TV and watching the Weather Channel.  He comes out only for meals - and, may I add, he has a most uncanny ability to know when food is ready to be served. (makes you wonder what kind of cues he picks up on.)

I've always been interested in knowing: What happens if there is no Weather Channel?

My mother in law found out the other day.

She decided to visit a friend, and took Bil along.  The friend is someone Bil has known for years.  Bil has met her time and again. But I'm not sure Bil was ever to her house (or apartment, I am not sure).

Anyway this friend of the family does not have cable TV.  So Bil had to sit there.  The friend was a gracious host and served a very nice meal. (Have I mentioned how much Bil likes to eat?) I'm sure she is very kind to Bil as she always has been.  She knows the type of person Bil is.

So what happened without the Weather Channel?

Bil was very uncomfortable the whole time and couldn't wait to leave, or so my mother in law told my husband after the incident.

This isn't a "Rainman" situation where a show was coming on at a certain time, and Bil had to see it.  Although, on a trip we took with my mother in law and Bil once, I saw that in action.

I will blog about that another time.

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