Friday, July 27, 2012

Driving Mr. Bil

One of our concerns when my husband spoke to Bil's Medicaid Service Coordinator yesterday was about Bil and his need to get out into the community.

He loves to be taken to certain places - the Mall, Barnes and Nobles, Wal-Mart, even a CVS.  He likes to browse around and buy a treat for himself.  When his Mom visits someone, Bil likes to purchase a dessert - a box of candy, or something simlar.

When we come and visit, he wants to be taken somewhere.

My mother in law has increasing mobility problems. She is in her 80's and will one day reach that not-so-magic moment when she will have to hand over the car keys.

And then, Bil will need someone else to drive him.  We live over 100 miles away, so it can't be me or my husband doing the driving.

But he is very resistant to having others (other than my husband, or maybe one of his other siblings) take him places.  He really would like it, always and for all time, to be his mother.

This is one of the things we discussed which brings me to a rant I will publish soon - about Person Centered Planning.  Bil will be offered something, he will say no, and under the rules of Person Centered Planning his no means no.  So if his medicaid service provider offered him someone else to take him around, he would say no, reflexively.  Because of his disability.  Because he hates and resists change.  And a new driver is change.

But he has to be able to depend on people other than his Mom and his siblings.

More on this another time.  I think my husband made some progress on this issue.

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