Thursday, July 12, 2012

Temple Grandin Talk

Temple Grandin gives a talk - about 16 minutes long - on various topics, such as our need to have all different kinds of minds working in our society.

She talks especially about the educational system and what they could be doing better. But there was also a section in her talk about how she, and other people with autism, think.

Oh, if I could only know what Bil is thinking.  His Medicaid Service Coordinator contacted me the other day.  He is taking some time off in the next month, and plans to come up here. (we already knew about that but the trip is still pretty up in the air).

You would never know it by watching Bil's behavior - he will disappear into the nearest room with a TV, turn on the "Weather Channel" and appear mainly for meals.  So what is he thinking?

Back to Ms. Grandin's talk.

She flashes a slide showing a "S" and a "H" - made up of little and big S's and H's.  Someone with autism and someone without autism may process this different, possibly seeing only the big letters or the small letters.

So we know that Bil processes a lot of information differently. But why in blazes would he be excited about a trip, and then sit around and watch TV all day?  Isn't it the same channel that he can get at home?

What is the point?  Oh Temple, I wish you could tell me.

It's a worthwhile talk, by the way - touching on a lot of different topics.  If you've seen the Temple Grandin movie originally shown on HBO, you've already seen some of this material.  If not, treat yourself to this talk.

If only Bil could give a talk.

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