Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Almost at 300

The 300th post is so close. In a way, this is a milestone, given that I don't post here all that regularly.  And with this post, we await a visit from Bil this weekend.  He will be coming with several other family members.

We don't know yet if he is going to stay with us. But the weather is going to be good, so Bil won't have to worry about his dreaded thunderstorms.

What will happen during the visit of the siblings?

Probably what happens in the other visits.

We sit and socialize with family and Bil sits wherever there is a TV and watches the Weather Channel.  We might as well be invisible, except for dinnertime.  At dinner, he eats and runs.

Family sometimes tries to get Bil to spend a little more time with us but if he does, you can tell he isn't very happy about it.Well, he might be, but that's not how he appears to behave.

This time around, we are going to try to get Bil to help some with the food preparation.  My sister in law had some success with that last time he came up here.  He is willing to do this as long as there is no cooking involved.  He is terrified of the microwave oven and, for that matter, the cookstove.

Last time he was here, it was because of Hurricane Irene.  Not good memories, and I hope he isn't anxious because of that.

We'll just have to see how it goes.

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