Friday, July 6, 2012

Real Human Love Exists in a Better Society While we Live with the Handicapped

A little over a year ago, I blogged about the plight of people with autism and their families in South Korea - a place where treatment of autism is still in the dark ages and families must endure shame - and worse.

Now, there is a South Korean marathoner with autism.  CNN did a feature on him not too long ago.  Slowly, attitudes about autism in South Korea are changing, partially due to this young man's accomplishments.

Why should we in the United States care?  Because what affects people with autism in any country affects us all, in some way.

I wasn't able to find that much more about this young runner via an internet search, but found that a 2005 film had been made on this young man.

I also found an article (in English) on a Japanese site called "Mindan News" about the movie.

One quote from the Japanese article, I think, said it all.

"Real human love exists in a better society while we live with the handicapped."

The translation may be a tad "politically incorrect" but, as the sister in law of a man with autism, I applaud it.

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